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The Ocean Raised Brand was founded in 2014 by avid beach goer, me Chris Langer. 

Born and raised surrounded by the ocean. Raised in Florida on the Gulf Beaches, And a lot of the rest of my family along the cost of California. Best of both coasts...


Growing up, there was water all around me everyday. I grew up surfing, skim boarding, fishing, and spending my days on the beach. The beach and water are a daily part of my families lives. Now my love for the ocean has brought me on this new adventure.Ocean Raised Brand has combined function and fashion for your active lifestyle.

Whether boating, surfing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, or enjoying a day at the beach. Our unique style of ocean wear is for you to enjoy. With 70% of Gods great earth being water and 97% of that water being the ocean, one of our products will fit your needs and style.

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